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                            Flan: Curiosity

She wasn’t interested in Baraggan’s people nor the man himself. Yet she saw the curious looks from the one, she was always going up against his master. Knocking any service he offered under the condition she followed him, she refused. She would always refuse as she didn’t want nor need his help. She’d leave every time, then they became Arrancars. She stayed away from the man unless she was needed to be in the same room as him. She’d see the young tiger watching her with curiosity and her Fraccion yet they never said any words. She’d never go to seek him out due to his loyalty to his master. She understood loyalty but to someone who would treat you as trash she couldn’t wrap her mind around it, she couldn’t figure it out. Yet, she didn’t think the young tiger was terrible, arrogant like her deer, yet it seemed the younger ones were and loud. It was one thing she had noticed taunting and being loud seemed to run within the arrancars very few were quiet like herself.

Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries
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             Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries: Lust

She couldn’t help it, yet she noticed the way he watched her. Every step she took and how she held herself. She wasn’t a seductress, nor was she warm enough to catch everyone’s eye. Sure her body was nice, but her personality wasn’t a warm one like  Yoruichi’s or some of the other women in the Soul Society. Yet, she had some how caught his eye, and he would watch her when she walked by. Even if he was talking to someone she knew his stare, and perhaps she did just slower walks and shifted certain ways for him on purpose. The idea of making him want her, the idea she had that power just for a little bit was enough to make her happy, to know he found her desirable made her a bit more prideful? No, not pride it gave her pleasure some how and that was all the blonde needed. Just like now was she picked up a chocolate dipped strawberry he was watching as she put her to her mouth and bit into it, the small wave of pleasure on her face as she pulled part of it away chewing a bit and licked her lips. It was in these moments she would always enjoy that look that would come over him as she’d tease him.

Red Velvet Cake
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                                 Red Velvet Cake:Secret Admirer

It was starting to get annoying for the most part What exactly was? Well it was all these gifts ending up on her desk at random times. No one knew where they came from, who gave them to her or anything. Her team wouldn’t speak on it, they just shrugged, or walked out and she could hear laughing and giggling. Then they started this secret admirer crap. It was no end to such a thing and she hadn’t been able to catch the culprit either. One day she swore she was going to catch him, though she did enjoy the cupcakes, random chocolates and the useful items she received. Even though she may of had a clue at who it was, it would seem she’d rather indulge in the game than end it right away. At least for the most part, there was times she’d punish her own squad well part of them for their teasing. There were a few others who just shook their heads about it all.



Yeah, the often lethargic man had actually seen to it to get up and check on a few minor things this day. He figured he may as well get it over with, at some point, he’d figured anyhow. Probably not at first, but eventually he’d come to that conclusion. A conclusion he was nearly regretting right about now. The sands were picking up, wind rushing, tiny granules berating him and obstructing some of his line of vision.

Still, he could however, make out, exactly who it was before him. The Primera chose to idle near, observing. Wasn’t like he had anywhere urgent to be, aside from his resting quarters. Was the Tres training?

She felt something, no someone was coming up to her and yet her spiritual pressure felt so strange to herself. Her mind was trying to keep it all in, she knew her powers were strong that it could hurt others. Turning her head she looked at the Primera, it was curious as to why he deicded to come out today. The Tres shifted in her feet towards the man as now she looked at him.

She knew he could handle, he should be able to handle her spiritual pressure but that wasn’t the issue. The issue was why had she changed? Why did it seem like all of her nerves were on edge for some reason. “Primera, what brings you out here?”

Chocolate Truffles, Cherry Pie
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Chocolate Truffles:Love  Cherry Pie:Adoration

So many times they had been around each other laughing, teasing, making it seem that they had hated each other yet loved each other. Simple things for the two to do between them; he seemed to bring out the best and sometimes worst in her and yet he never minded to see all sides of her. It was something she never could understand from him perhaps it was something she wasn’t ready to understand. The way he would look at her, with adoration made her sometimes feel uneasy and he would say something and she’d simply start to walk away from him. Leaving the man confused yet grinning at her all in the same moment. Perhaps it was because with all these emotions she couldn’t exactly explain how she felt, nor did she ever try because she knew, that he understood how she felt about him, how she would continue to feel about him.

Seagreen eyes once again found the gray smokey ones that she had fallen in love with. This time they were sitting down eating such a rare occasion for them both. She simply smiled and when he turned to say something she had stuck a piece of pie in his mouth causing him to close it and eat it while looking confuse. She was amused, greatly by his reaction holding back a laugh she only smiled a bit more. “Like it? I think I’ll call it adoration pie of love..” So much for those chocolate cherry’s he had bought her before since now they were in the pie.

Fudge: Gratitude
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What a strange concept it was and yet it wasn’t. The blonde looked at the young captain trying to figure out something. Between the two of them, they had many fights some good other’s were dangerous yet neither of them had ended each other’s life. For the two it was a code of conduct, of perhaps allies yet she never spoke of it, and wouldn’t. Silence stayed between the two for a moment before she put a hand on his shoulders. Perhaps no words needed to be said, perhaps this was all a ploy and yet no he wouldn’t do something like that. This child, no young man was honorable, he wasn’t like others. It was something she had admired about him and was glad to see even now he still showed it in his daily works.

"Hitsugaya, this gift I am honored to accept." She spoke softly as her hand raised and fell back to her side. There was no other words she could put into it, nothing she could say that could express how honored she felt to have something so simple from someone who could be an adversary at any time.

The Blonde stood there in her released form, for what reason she didn’t know. Yet, she felt uneasy was it having to do with tiburon? Did it feel something uneasy or was it something within the blonde that had set it off? She wasn’t exactly sure and yet here she was away from anyone who could be harmed and looking around what seemed to be empty land around her.

Recovery for Maggots | Picaduadeabeja



>{///}-; Harribel’s words rang true, that much the hornet knew. Alas, it was not as simply for her to not place fault on the Onmitsukidō. Recapturing the escapee should’ve been executed immediately when the standard procedure was disrupted. How many times had it not been reviewed again and again through the training drills and practices back in the Nibantai barracks?

M a n y  times.

A huff of a sigh escaped her lips. If she would have been there observing the transfer, things would not have turned the path it did. She and Harribel would be back at their respective offices completing paperwork and doing their schedule normally. It irked Suì-Fēng to simply think about what Ōmaeda would not be doing. The paperwork would be sure to pile up if he wasn’t conscious enough to take the initiative and if he did, she’d probably be greeted with crumbs and stains on the papers.

Sleep the last thing on her mind. Not that she would comment on that. The hornet would’ve preferred to go ahead and search for convict under the blanket of darkness. The quicker they were done the faster they could go back. Although deep within, Suì-Fēng knew it was for the best to keep their strength. “Very well. Wake me if anything happens before it’s my shift.”

She moved slightly as she layed upon the ground until she found the most comfortable position she could find. Opting for being on her side facing the fire, and using her left arm as a pillow while she stayed in that position. The taichō closed her eyes yet remained quite alert, relying on her reiatsu detection. Maybe she’d get a lucky shot if the escapee was close enough that if he made a wrong move, she’d be able to catch it.


She watched the queen bee as she laid down on the ground facing the fire. The blonde watched how the fire played across her features it almost made her look gentle? Harmless? But that was what bees were right? They looked harmless until they got up close and attacked you. She sighed and shook her head as she moved stretched her legs and pulled them back up as she looked around the area.

She knew Sui-feng wasn’t happy with what was going on but there wasn’t much the eradication force commander could do at this moment. They needed to be alert to a point but at the same time they were going to need their rest. It was part of the things that Harribel didn’t like about the job. She didn’t mind camping out, or being under the stars, it was how she was most of the time. While it was pretty the circumstances weren’t exactly the greatest when they had to go out.

This was the time she would do some paperwork or something else. Standing up she started to walk a little bit feeling out the area with her reiatsu. She didn’t want to interfere with her commander’s sleep. Moving out of sight and quietly through the area, there didn’t seem to be anything thing near, yet she knew they were heading into the right direction. She wasn’t wrong about tracking the man it was then she started to walk a little further and stopped looking ahead. It was too fair from her commander to go search ahead yet she wanted to make sure things were okay. There was a sigh that escaped her as she turned and headed back to the campsite. A few hours passed that was met with silence, then she thought she had felt something, her eyes closed looking as if she had fallen asleep feeling the reiatsu coming close.




       ☠— Electrified sparks jolted from calculative eyes. Wings of pure glacier ice expanded outward, efficaciously hauling the male’s frame upward onto the endless skies. Unifying himself with the limitless embrace of the moist air had always been his preferred method of combat. Up there, he had no obstacles, no limit in range and limitless source of water. An idealistic approach for an elemental embodiment such as himself. “ We’ll just have to see about that. “ mused the eccentric albino. Not one to falter with his words, his right elbow immediately positioned inward over his right shoulder, the tip of his blade distinctively aimed above the women’s hot - headed cranium.


      Lips momentarily came to a close for a period of a few seconds before Reigai continued on. An abrupt exhalation and a sardonic scoff decoratively entwined with his next sentence. “ Now, Do try to make this fun. Killing one’s prey without experiencing the thrill of the chase is simply dissatisfying. Don’t you agree? “ Azul spiritual energy spontaneously sprouted from his being, voyaging down to the very core of his celestial saber.— Slow and steady, he’d motion his sword in an horizontal pattern within a lower range radius. Creating overflowing glaciated water from the sharpened point of his weapon. A grin filled with strife subsequently adorned the features similar to that of Hitsugaya Toshiro. 

" Hyōryū Senbi "

Uttered the perpetrator whilst a linear swing was initiated in a downward direction. A cascade of water nefariously blasted outright . Once the liquid had neared his opponent, it immediately took on the form of a solidified ice crescent.— A fierce gale of wind and a halved tremor reverberated the ground for a split moment upon the technique’s impact with the designated target.

                                                                                                           ” T’ch..— I missed again. “


This boy was nothing like snow child he showed to be hot headed, no rational thinking and completely out of control of his own emotions. Did he really think he would be able to attack her and kill her? Did he not realize that she trained with Hitsugaya on a occasion and others? She didn’t get her tital nor her spot by just standing and looking pretty.

She watchehd as he was talking to her and ready to attack. It was that attack was it? She would wait for the right time as he started to move and get ready to attack her, with Tiburon in her hand she was being careful. Then she snoidide out of the way and behind the regai. Looking at him as he seemed to be upset that he missed her. She kept her reaitsu hidden, she could simply use La Gota to hit him and push him back and it would possibly be better yet part of her needed to knock him out. So to be fair she would do what needed to be done without giving him the advantage.

She moved and hit him with the handle of Tiburon to the back of his head making sure to knock him out. “I will not fall prey to such a being as you. I have no death wish like that.”