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It was like being in a different world, returning to Las Noches after the battle of Karakura. The fortress might never have been a lively place, but it was certainly dead now. Battles, riots — whatever the cause, the end result was the same. Walls that once ruled over the desert’s horizon were nothing more than rubble in the wake of Aizen’s defeat. 

Where do we even begin? wondered the fifty-sixth, as she traced a familiar path through the halls she used to walk. They looked different scattered in debris and sand. Maintaining the same optimism she felt when Harribel agreed to take up the mantle of ruler was much more difficult after realizing just how far it was they fell. 

Even so, she’d do her best to ease the burden. Bringing her sleeve to her lips, Sung-Sun turned and began to make her way back toward the tower of the Tres. As she approached, her eyes drifted up the length of the structure, lingering on the balcony when she saw her mistress’ silhouette. There was no way to tell what she might be thinking from such a distance, but as soon as she was inside, the serpent began to ascend to the second story to join her.

At first she hovered by the doorway, reluctant to disturb the older woman; however, her concern eventually won out, and soft footsteps brought her forward to the blonde’s side. Sometimes it was easy to forget that her mistress endured trials of her own. Aizen’s betrayal was a blow to them all. Unwavering strength was all she projected, but that didn’t mean the fraccion didn’t worry still, particularly now that they were all about to take on the responsibility of rebuilding almost single-handedly. The title of queen was undoubtedly another weight upon her shoulders. 


"…How are you faring, Harribel-sama?"

the The Tres Espada, no she wasn’t an Espada anymore. She was just a Queen, because that was what her Fraccion wanted her to do. It wasn’t the same as it use to be anymore. This place in front of her was desolate, it was just destruction everywhere and she was the one that had to sit there and help rebuild it to have order. Yet it was Las Noches and to her there didn’t need to be any structure, she remembered the that what it was like before Aizen had entered all of their lives.

All of the people that she had known and had gotten use to were now dead due to the fight with the shinigami. She could live with that some what, and the people important to her were her fraccion. The ones she loved and would protect with her life, and she had done her best even to avenge them even if she had failed in doing that.  It caused her to wonder if she was truely power enough to protect the ones she had grown fond of, and wanted to protect. It didn’t seem she had an answer for that as even the shinigami had trouble dealing with Aizen and his power. 

She felt the aura of someone coming close to her and she closed her eyes. It was her Princess who didn’t seem to want to bother her yet wanted to make sure she was alright. It was one thing about Sung-sun no matter what she would always come to check on her, to make sure that she was fine and to hide things from her was harder to do than anything. She was such a cunning and smart indivual and truly she was happy to have her as apart of her fraccion. Yet sometimes no one could hide things from her and she didn’t want to worry her.  She hadn’t even thought about where to start in order to rebuild this place again. The swarm of power and then it had dwindled down to nothing again.

Her eyes opened as she seemed to stare at the white sand that was in front of her and the broken pillars and buildings. “I am fine, how are you doing Sung-sun? Everyone finding their place?”



There was a stifled exhale of air passing through his nose, halted laughter over her comment. His finger soon lost sensation of his hat being just beneath it, she moved just out of reach. Smile fading momentarily as he thought over the circumstances presenting themselves anew. Looking down, he lifted a heavily lidded glance to her as she stared back, his over confidence showing on the smile that reappeared.

"Is that what you’re into these days, Hali-chan?" yes he would taunt back with the greatest of ease. He was a man who could detect exactly when someone was making an attempt to tip his emotions one way or another but he was not one prone to frustration or bouts of anger, she’d have to try harder if it was her truest intent, though he doubted it was.

She watched him as he laughed and how he reacted when she moved out of reach. He may want his hat back but she wasn’t going to let him get it back just yet. No her game wasn’t done as of yet and she did enjoy teasing him. “Perhaps, perhaps not.” She shrugged a little bit. She wouldn’t answer him straight out that wouldn’t be fun at all. No she was going to prolong some things for now.

Taking a few steps back while holding the hat on her head, she knew she would get what he called ‘hat hair’ but her hair was already a mess so it never bothered her. The only thing is she might crush his hat if she wasn’t careful with it. “What about you? It still seems you are all wrapped up in different things. Never paying too much attention to around you hmm?” There was a smirk on her face as her eyes seemed to hold some sort of look.






>{///}-; The hornet could not deny that the song was quite likable to her. Of course some lines took more notice than others, although overall it was good. “If you have time to composition songs at this hour, means you’re not getting enough work done?” But alas, Sui-Feng was not one to be comfortable with agreeing to things as easily as the other wanted. With gained her the next correlated with the latter of what she said.

"Hmph." Another topic of discussion that seemed to come up more than once, and with various people. It flared a slight annoyance but none that could be compared when she was told the first couple of times. "I don’t have time for such a trivial thing. Now, beside you bringing me the song, was there something else you needed?"


 She only looked at her curiously it seemed she had enjoyed it but couldn’t help but to grin a bit.  So when she asked a question she couldn’t help but to give off a laugh. Oh why did she always go back to work. It was always something about it and she sighed a little bit. “Yes, it probably does mean I’m not getting enough of it done in the things of paper work. It’s never been my forte and you should know that by now.”

"I wanted to see if you were alright. I haven’t seen you around in a while and wanted to make sure that you were alright." She tilted her head when her commander sat there telling her she hadn’t time for such things and yet she hadn’t seen her in a while. What had she been doing? And though the shark was curious she wasn’t about to ask her.

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What did he just say? The words seemed to hit her like a ton of bricks and yet she couldn’t breath her eyes only widened as she stared at him. He was joking right? This was some sort of gag he was pulling just to see the emotion inside of her. At least that’s what she wanted to hear what she wanted to know and yet somewhere in her heart she knew the truth. He had just  told her to leave and that it would be better for the both of them. 

After everything she had been through, after all the emotional mess he left her with and then she came back and now it was just to leave. Just drop everything and push her off like she was some sort of baggage. When was she the type of baggage he didn’t want around? After all they had worked for and everything, she felt her shoulders sag and her head lowered as sea green optics looked down at the brown dirt that seemed to cover up part of the wood that was the porch for his shop.

Her heart hurt and the rest of the world was simply blocked out by the words that were going over and over again in her head. The worst enemy was yourself and as she tried to see what she had done wrong, what she did to upset him to change his mind she couldn’t figure out what it was. Or what she had done that  made them come to this path in their life. “I..” her voice went down as she tried to find the voice. Yet she couldn’t really find her voice as she couldn’t even look up at him.

She needed to find her voice and when she did, the pain was evident even though she tried to control it. “A-alright. If this is what you want. Then I hope you have a wonderful life.”

She turned and started to walk away, the tears were blocking her vision as she continued walking. She couldn’t see and yet she didn’t care, the doors opened to the Seiretai and she went through them as quickly as she could. All she wanted to do was to curl up and cry, and yet she couldn’t. She had to get to a stop where no one could find her. Where she wouldn’t hear her commander’s voice scolding her for such a thing, for letting him in just so he could destroy her and how right she was. Perhaps it wasn’t him that was the one messed up. Perhaps it was her, the commander of the Eradication force. She was always different from everyone in how she did things and the sort, one of the most hated for what they do and looked down on by the higher ranking forces. Her leg’s couldn’t carry her anymore as she fell down and cried.






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"Since when did having children become such a tall order?" The blonde said curiously.