Though her mistress never mentioned the significance of the date, Sung-Sun was well aware — and had been for many days. It was difficult thinking of something that would appeal to the shark. She didn’t treasure many material items fondly. Even if she did, it wasn’t as if the fifty-sixth could take an unannounced trip to the word of the living. Things were simply too uncertain for her to feel comfortable leaving them all, even for an afternoon.

So she was empty handed as she stepped out onto the balcony beside the older woman. Despite her lack of a proper gift, she couldn’t go without acknowledging the occasion altogether. For a few moments they stood together in companionable silence, until she finally spoke up.

"Harribel-sama…?" Pressing her lips together, she waited until she was sure she had the blonde’s attention. What she did next was a spur of the moment decision, something that surprised even her. Hesitantly, she lowered her arm, her entire body still those few short seconds she deliberated; but then, all at once, she took a step closer and embraced the Tres.

It was a gesture that was practically unheard of, and it didn’t last for very long. Even so, there was a rarely expressed affection and warmth in the way her grip tightened, right before she let go. Suddenly embarrassed, she brought her sleeve high over her face and hoped that Harribel wouldn’t find it too off-putting.


"…Happy birthday." 

This day people tried to tell her was important, and while she would spoil her fraccion on their birthdays she refused to even celebrate hers. This was a day of birth, whether it was considered the day she was made an arrancar or not she didn’t care. This day didn’t matter to her, life would of went on without her and would continue without her if she were to die.

Looking over the white sands seemed to be a thing she would do daily, she never was sure why. Did she miss watching how the others would react to each other? The thoughts of seeing Nnoitra and Grimmjow going after each other fighting, watching Lilynette argueing with them all the noise and rucus was now gone. There was only silence besides the occasional bickering of her fraccion there was nothing left. There were pieces of the structure they had called home. A sigh escaped her lips as closed her eyes for a moment.

She felt someone close as her eyes opened again and continue to stand looking out across the white land. When she heard her name it was then she turned and looked at Sung-sun. Her princess was standing there looking at her and moved toward her. She tilted her head about to ask a question when she felt the girl move her arms around her. The feeling was strange but she had mimicked the action and gave her a hug bit. No matter how short or strange it felt she couldn’t help but to have a small smile come across her lips.

"Thank you Sung-sun." She said softly as she put her hand on her head gently out of affection. She had felt the warmth and gentleness that came from the younger arrancar and she was thankful to have such a thing from her. She knew the younger female didn’t show her feelings often and this show of gratitude was definitely one of the most treasured things Harribel would ever receive from her.

Watches all of those who are gathering around her place. Doesn’t feel the need to greet them but merely stares down and jumps down in the midst of people walking off letting anyone stop her.

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          These words washed over the Bat as he took them in, his eyes closing as he thought on that. Didn’t seem that she had many strong arrancar left at her side then…and with that thought entering his mind, his eyes opened once more and he looked her dead in the eyes.


          “…I wish to be at your side then. You are the Tercera, and I the Cuarto. I was able to fake my death at the hands of Kurosaki Ichigo; the Shinigami believe me to be dead. I will stand at your side and defend you with my dying breath. You lead Aizen-sama’s remnants of his army…

          And with the way things seem to appear with the remaining strength in our subordinates it seems that you and I may perhaps be the strongest left of the Espada. With that said, if either of us fall or vacate it could be a crucial blow to the Espada.”

She listened to the Cuarto as his words seem to come out of no where. Or at least she hadn’t been expecting them as she listened. So he had faked his death at the shinigami boy. That had been rather interesting but now he wanted to be by herself to help her? It was curious and yet she didn’t know what to say at that exact moment. Yet looking at the  Cuarto she knew what he said was true and she nodded to him. “Alright Cuarto, I accept your offer. You are still the Cuarto in my eyes and if there ever becomes a need that requires more strength I will accept your help.”


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          “Those in Las Noches will be placed in good hands then.” His head bowed softly in respect to her words, his eyes blinking lightly as he let his hands stay pressed into his pockets.

          “How many of the Arrancar are still alive for you to lead?”

"There are not many who survived the war against the shinigami. My Fraccion and Grimmjow were not slained. The other’s did not make it, Nel and her fraccion are still around as well. Their are some lesser ones that had survived as well."


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          “Indeed…and I am surprised that you weren’t killed by the Shinigami back during the war. The Espada…are under your command now, am I correct, Madame?”

"We came to an agreement since I did not die by Aizen’s hand." There was silence for a moment. "Yes, I took up leading those in Las noches."


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          “Indeed, the same I feel for you, Tercera. It has been a while since our last encounter.”

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"Yes it has. It is good to see you well. Things should be more calm now than what they previously have been."



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          “…It is only common courtesy and respect to offer your higher up a good birthday.”

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"I do thank you for such a thing. I do hope all is well for you."

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Harribel simply nodds at Ulquiorra for the wishes. “Thank you.”