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A gleam of indignation was set in those orbs, his fists gripping the throne of where once Aizen had sat. Why did she have to come back and claim what should be rightfully his? He had more to overcome than her and had fought hard to get what he felt he deserved. And for her to finally show up meant that he would have to give it back? Fat chance of that happening. Grimmjow sighed to himself knowing one day he had to contend with Hallibel, but was prepared to do so.

Rather than chewing her ear off like he normally would have done, the sexta drummed his fingers on the limestone throne and held his head high to symbolize that he was mightier than her. “Well if it isn’t the tres? Did you forget about your subjects already when you just left everyone all of a sudden?” He asked in a sardonic manner keeping back a chuckle. “Oh don’t worry. I took good care of things while you were gone. Those that challenged my might saying it would be treason to obey me, were dealt with. Your fraccion how should I say this, failed you miserably most of all. They were no match for my might.”



"My fraccion wouldn’t be defeated by you. They maybe hot headed but they would of survived." She said as a matter of fact, she had no doubt that they were alive, injured but alive. Even Grimmjow wasn’t that stupid to entice her wrath. She shifted just slightly as she watched him. "I did not forget my subjects. I was detained and unable to get back until now. Since you have decided to take my place, I will not serve you. Now where are my fraccion sexta?" She asked him calmly as she watched him. She wouldn’t move against him, she would watch him and watch what move he would make. She wasn’t about to just let him get off of him.

Sea green optics saw how disgusted he was and yet slightly happy that he may have to fight her. Or was it something else? She wasn’t quiet sure and nor did she care. If he really did kill her fraccion he would pay the price, and she would have no issue in doing so.

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With a watchful gaze he turned his head to see in what direction she was headed, but one thing still puzzled him. Why was she so concerned for his well being? No one else gave a damn about him so why of all times now would she show any interest to his whereabouts? “How thoughtful and to think I didn’t think you cared about anyone but yourself and your own fracciones.” He replied with a sneer. “Or maybe you feel that our numbers as arrancars are dwindling and you are seeking for the strong to join in on another battle.” 

Grimmjow did things on his own terms. He did not take orders from anyone and had only done for Aizen on account of the immense control and spiritual pressure the other had on him and in some gratitude for giving him his postition as the sexta, a title he still carried and was shown as plain as the number on the right side of his lower back.



She stopped and part of her wanted to smack him. No he was wanting to get a rise out of her and she would not let him do that. She was the calm one and would continue to hold that and be true to herself. “I was only concerned in making sure you weren’t causing trouble. I see you are having fun with the other hollows.” Her voice showed little distain that she was feeling in refrence to his normal attitude. “I am not going to go fight against the shinigami. The last thing we need to deal with would be a fight that we would not make it out of. I will not sacrifice people for a worthless battle.”

She didn’t care what Grimmjow did as long as he didn’t cause them problems. The idea of not attacking the shinigami she wanted to be the furthest thing from his mind. Though she knew she couldn’t ask nor order him to, it wouldn’t be like the sexta to do something like that. In which she had no issues or anything she only watched him from over her shoulder.

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It had to be this way because this muse of mine wouldn’t let me go small if I tried. Really though, I have a lot of people to thank and this is the first Follow Forever list I’ve ever made for this account so it occurred to me that I should just attempt a huge shout-out to as many ridiculously amazing people as possible in the one go! I really just want anyone who’s interacted to know how much it’s been appreciated, when they take a chance on an oddball type character and never know what may result. To anyone who chooses to follow this guy, I say, you brave tenacious soul, how fortunate am I?! A few smaller milestones have come and gone, not yet at a huge one, when it does happen I suppose a giveaway of some sort will be in order. Until then here’s my list of people who have made my days blogging and writing here better in some form or another. To every single one of you, thank you. Let’s RP~!

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My friend, my cornerstone, my brother. You are the person who gets the title, longest term roleplay partner of mine. It’s been years now, can’t say either of us would have foreseen this, I guess that’s the funny part huh, or is it ironic? Who can say, what I do know is that it’s fun and that in essence is all we aim for. We met though roleplaying but found good reliable friendship in-between all of that. So thanks, for putting up with not just this over-powered and unpredictable muse who just seems to exude confusion over anyone around but also for dealing with the mundane behind him. There have been so many varying situations that have come up during our time knowing one another and you never fail to be there on my side. It’s a rare thing indeed to find.

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Hey, if you really like someone’s original world, I can bet you they’d be happy if you discussed the idea of possibly making a character or verse for it. Be cool about it, learn the limitations, talk to them! It’s pretty great when you can talk to a creator and see how much work they really put into their worlds/universes! See little tidbits and points that they may show you. 

And even if you don’t make a character, just the fact that you asked about their character(s) and the world they live in will make someone pretty damn happy, alright?

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You are a so amazing rp blogger omg. Fantastic Harribel I'm really glad I rp with you <3.
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That's cool

I thank you? I don’t know that I am fantastic. Though I am glad that you enjoy rping with me. I enjoy rping with those who want to rp with me. But I don’t know that I’m amazing.. I’m just going to go stand in the corner.


This wasn’t good. The scene was nothing short of a mess. Just how long had they been out. This mission had been far more than they’d bargained for. For all he could surmise they’d met a force that had rendered them unconscious, but the details leading up to it remained in a fog. An anxiousness stirring in him over that fact. It all felt so off kilter. His vision returning to him from a sleep induced blur and back to full clarity, eyes darted around, anaylyzing what could be made of their surroundings. Where were the others they’d come with, she was right to question it. Signs of a fight were littering the area but no bodies. What could it mean? Were they removed? Or was it possible they had never actually been there. The thought that quite possibly it had been a plotted lure passed through his mind for a flicker of a second before his attention again turned to the Corps. Commander. 

She was all the worse for wear, in no shape to continue on communication for the time. She’d have to preserve her energy for recuperation. He was torn, to proceed with tracking down answers or stay and tend to whatever it was that ailed the woman. 

"Harribel-san? Listen, you have to stay conscious. I’ll set you down but stay awake, it’s vital now more than anything else. I’ll do what I can to alleviate any pain but I’m not sure what’s causing the lethargy…." she had no clear wounds, neither did he for that matter but his body felt as though it had been crushed, or was it heavy with weight, like gravity pulling and dragging him down with each movement, difficult to say but pain and discomfort was severely present. 


Gently, he laid her down, seeing as she’d asked to be let go. Watching over her, she appeared still sleeping, abnormal would be an understatement, immediately he followed the action with passing his hands over her, first the chest and then upwards and over her head. Healing should have gone simply enough had he the necessary amount of reiatsu to make the transfer. They had been effected by something that left them drained of spiritual energy, his eyes widened at the notion and possibility.  


 She focused and tried to stay awake, her mind was going over everything that happened. She had to stay awake he was concerned and now her mind wanted to play back the events. She remembered talking to him, a sound but what was it had caught her attention? Then she received a letter from Yoruichi or at least she thought, she called her people to go, and Kisuke went with her. What they walked into was a trap, a friggen trap and there was no way Yoruichi would of let them walk into something like that.  

Instead of people they were hollows, she remembered the reiatsu of it, it wasn’t that of shinigami they were hollows. She forced herself to sit up and hissed as she touched the back of her shoulder. It hurt like hell pulling her hand back there was some strange substance on it, mixed with her blood. She had gotten stabbed by something yet what was it? There was an annoyed sigh that came from her as she tried to figure out what it was exactly. “This.. was a trap..” She spoke, annoyed, tired, and frusterated. Damnit all to hell was she frusterated by her foggy memory, that they had been ambushed. Now she was even debating if she really had her team even with her. If not then that meant that they both were alone and possibly in even more danger than they should ever have been.

Two commanders, one of the maggots nest and one of the excution force, the dreaded purge. And here they both were, weak, paranoid on high alert, and couldn’t recall what exactly was real and what wasn’t. This made a lovely bowl of mayhem with a kick in the head type deal. She was sure once things cleared enough and they were safe whoever did this was going to pay dearly for it. There was no doubt about it she was going to make them pay for the headache that was still trying to kick it’s way across her skull.

"I do not know what this substance is, but look at my back shoulder. Was it a sword or something else that made the wound. It might explain what we are dealing with here." She shifted part of her shitagi and kosode down so he could see the back of her shoulder without any cloth in the way.