Mission, where the past collides || Urahara—kisuke

It was like any other normal day in the Seiretia. Patrols going around, other’s just walking around like nothing going on. She could hear Rangiku and Hitsugaya argueing about paperwork, it made her smile a bit as she passed by. Still she was on her way, she gave a wave to Rangiku who was ignoring Hitsugaya by smothering him in her bosom. Yep, everything seemed normal and she couldn’t help but to feel relaxed about it. It was then, an unconscious act had ended her passing by the science division. 

The smile that was once on her face faded, and turned into a small frown. The memories started to come back, and it took her a moment to shove them away. She didn’t want to remember the former captain of the science division. It would only bring up wounds that had never fully healed and she wasn’t ready to go down that road yet. She moved away quickly, the wounds even if they were old, still acted fresh within her mind and heart.

She found a place and stopped, looking over things she exhaled. It was nice to be able to find a quite spot and shut down all those emotions. Or it was quiet till she was found and called. She nodded and jumped down, her long sleeve v neck black shinigami shirt never rode up when she moved, it had been specially made to fit her just right. The pants, were normal issued, though they showed her hips and stomach since she didn’t wear the normal outfit. She didn’t see a need it, it just wasn’t comfortable.

She arrived and was informed she was going with a few others to the world of the living. It seemed strange to her, she wasn’t allowed to go before, but now she was being ordered too. She shrugged a bit and sighed, well this was going to be interesting. Not long after they were off, looking around she felt the difference, this place looked nice. They had come near a shop, and she stopped for a moment. What she saw, felt like a punch in the gut. How was it even possible? Could he really be there? And if he was, why? Was this the reason she hadn’t been allowed before? Sea green eyes just looked at the man in the hat with disbelief.