Au Shinigami Harribel - Thoughts on the blonde hair captain

When had it all started? A simple look, stealing glances? Or when he came in and saved her?  She wasn’t exactly sure.  All she knew was he had won, and she was still trying to piece things together. He would of laughed at her if he knew what she was trying to do. Watching him, as he worked was one of the things she didn’t mind. Okay, so he had told her what exactly it was, he was studying something, yet she had no clue what it was for. It didn’t pertain to her so she didn’t really listen to her. Probably one of the defaults of being with Rangiku, she had a tendency to turn certain things off when the blonde started talking about them. But it didn’t seem to bother him, at least not that she could tell. He was smiling, every once in a while explaining something to her.

She’d listen, but it still made no sense to her. Her feet swinging on the desk as she watched him; His hair was just brushing his shoulders, the way it parted down his face and the excited look he sometimes get explaining things. She felt drawn to it, and it was going to drag her down and swallow her up. She knew she was drowning in this sea, no matter what she had tried, Kisuke had worked himself in, and she had let him pull her in, and she kept going deeper. She knew this was going to be a world of hurt, she felt everything inside of her warn her, yet there was something about teasing a shark. You simply didn’t do it and not expect to get bitten or eaten. Now she was wondering who had set the final trap, her thoughts were rattled by a question; she hadn’t heard it, only that he was staring at her intently. “Ahh..” She responded hoping to play it off.

She in turn got a laugh “You weren’t paying any attention to what I just said, were you?” He couldn’t help but to grin at her.

The blonde hair shinigami looked away, flustered, a hint of pink on her cheeks. “Sorry. I guess my mind drifted off somewhere else.” Her legs had stopped moving, and that’s when she felt him closer, and felt his hand on her chin turning her face back to him. Sea green eyes stared at him for a moment. She wanted to pull away, to get up and move, but he had blocked her from escaping. Was this how other’s felt when she had trapped them? That she had the advantage to such things? She never knew what he was thinking, even now as he watched her, she knew she needed to stay calm. To keep her wits about her, even in this game of cat and mouse that they played, either one of them could win it.

His hand moved, bringing them closer together with a grin on his face.  He slipped by, whispered in her ear softly “you look so cute flustered.” He moved back with a grin holding onto the pencil he needed and turned to go back to his work.

“o-oi! Kisuke!” she snapped, now just frustrated and flustered at the man who had teased her and done nothing.

“See? Lovely shades of pink and red suit you my little shark.”

“I- Th- They do not!! And I’m not little!” she snapped crossing her arms underneath her breasts and looked away.

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